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Foresight and insights of Health Care Providers for German Pharma Company

Gain first global qualitative insights around the Health Care Providers' journey into different brands

For a global Multi-Vitamin brand we conducted a study on the optimization of their customer / reseller journey. We combined a series of In-depth Interviews (IDI) with a mystery shopping approach to determine the role and attractors of the brand and Multi-vitamins for Health Care providers.

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A portfolio optimization process for a global personal care brand

An indepth study for an refreshed, distinct and optimized portfolio

For a personal care brand we wrote a report on the optimization of their brand portfolio. We combined our research, our former semio-socio-cultural study and our CED-trends to give an answers to the questions what could and should be the most promising range architecture for this brand. The insights were shared and used as a foundation for an active workshop that took the results a step further.

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Presentation for Consultancy firm

A 2 hour interactive presentation for a large consultancy firm on the "what, how and why of thinking about future contexts"

In this short introduction we explained what the need of future based strategies is.
With a lot of examples and some exercises the attendees became aware that they should and could make a difference to their clients by thinking about the different futures.The short intervention was highly appreciated and gave food for thought.

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100 years of expressions of a personal care brand

A semio-socio-cultural study

For an old brand with a 100 year long heritage we worked for one summer on the deciphering of the brand expressions of this brand and it’s product ranges. This very large and complex study gave insight into the core and soul of the brand and the translation of these codes into contemporary designs of packaging, logo’s, advertising, range extensions. It resulted in a frame of reference for the current and future brand.

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Facilitating an NGO on their future reason of existence

A 1 day support of a teamdialogue

For this Dutch NGO we facilitated (in close association with Dekker & Van Velzen) a dialogue about the future of the NGO and builded on the team dynamics at the same time.

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The History & Future of Sustainability

A study into the rise and evolution of sustainablity in the western world

For a Japanese client we delivered a global report on the rise and evolution of sustainablity in the Western world. Cosight interviewed different experts in the USA, China and Europe and combined this knowledge with her own years of experience in this field. The result was a strategic presentation for the Japanese board of the past, present and future of sustainability and the implications for the business and company concerned.

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Supporting a relaunch of a seasoned personal care brand

A multi-national project aiming to modernize the brand with respect of its heritage

For a European personal care brand we developed a 5-step holistic and collaborative proces. We started with a co-creational kick-off meeting with the client and proceeded with consumer interviews to identify the levers and hurdles to identify the key mechanisms to regain leadership. We co-created a semio-sociological workshop with the brand team to synthesize most of the available brand knowledge of the client. This was followed by semio-socio cultural consumer groups in three countries. The whole process resulted in an understanding of the content, role and position of the future Brand-platform in line with socio-cultural change. A future-fit brand with respect for it’s long heritage, A translation of a strong and heritage brand into a modern and distinctive brand.

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2 days workshop on the future of beauty

A workshop for a Japanese company

In June Cosight welcomed 10 Japanese customers on their headquarters in Amsterdam for a 2 day workshop on the future of Beauty. Every day the workshop was located at a different and inspiring location to support the thinking and feeling about the implications of the Cutting Edges Detector for the brands and products of the company.

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2nd edition of Key Talent Program for an international Consultancy Firm

A 2 day program in Belgium for a Big Four firm

Cosight delivered knowledge on future trends and experiences by designing a program in collaboration with Dekker & Van Velzen for one of the Big Four.
The aim of this highly rated program was to facilitate interaction amongst key talents and encourage them to conceive relevant developments and implications for their company as well as themselves.

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A company CED-workshop

A workshop of our Cutting Edges Detector for 60 Marketeers and Customer Market Intelligence.

For a client that bought our CED(tm) we designed and delivered a compelling and inspirational workshop in “how-to-work-with-socio-cultural-trends”. The crowded workshop was an inspiring, learnful and fun introduction into Cosight’s trend-work. Attendees rated the presentation high and the exercises afterwards unleashed an innovational energy and a lot of new ideas for the brands of the company.

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PoS analysis France

A study into the distributors considerations and perception of an OTC brand

For a pharmaceutical company we did a field investigation on the perception of a certain Over The Counter (OTC) brand that was market leader for a long time.
As always we combined our knowledge of future consumer needs into the results.

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Customer Journey OTC South America

A synthesis of 15 consumer interviews

For a German client out of the Pharma-industry we did a short research in Chili. We interviewed 15 consumers among other things on their customer journey. The synthesis of the interviews gave insights on the market postioning and the reasons for leaving the brand. We delivered a report with diverse possibilities on maintaining and gaining market share.

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New Semio Explorer for FMCG company

Decoding a brand

For a satisfied customer we delivered Semio Explorer to decode another brand range. The report was presented in Europe and a second time through a teleconferencing with the HQ in the USA.
The client is convinced of the value of an intensive semiotic brandscan to maintain direction and consistency across all brand expressions. Cosight uses Semiotics – the science of signs – to access the brand core and to reveal the deep, hidden meaning of a brand’s communication, logo or packaging by analyzing all verbal, visual and sensorial codes of the brand.

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FLASH-report on Cutting Edgers

A flash report published in cooperation with Motivaction

Having studied and monitored socio-cultural change since 2000 within the framework of the Cutting Edges Detector-Program (CED), Cosight has delivered yet another edition of this extensive program on socio-cultural shifts and developments. In close cooperation with Motivaction Cosight published a FLASH-report on these Cutting Edges. It aims to give a glimpse of these forward-looking and change-making collectives as elaborated in the CED 2015.
Download .pdf here

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Future Dialogue with Senior Executive

A coaching serie mirrored by Cutting Edgers Trends

Future Dialogue is a serie of one-to-one coaching sessions based on the Cutting Edge Detector(tm). This impactful and solid conversation is centered on today and tomorrows world. Insights into the changing world acts as a catalyst to grasp the urgency for professional and personal change and development. With the insights of the CED(tm) the hope and fears of the coachee are examined to ascertain a realistic 2.0 version. Cosight works together with the participant to define and achieve realistic, ambitious and future-fit goals.

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Management Team Coaching

Accompanying a management team to redefine the vision and goals of the company

After a bounced merger, the management team needed guidance on redefining their vision and mission. Part of the project was to regain team spirit and trust. From this solid basis we build a shared vison for the company based upon Cosights’ knowledge about societal change.

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Future Mapping-project on mobility

An integral investigation on the future of mobility in a global context

A 6 month all encompassing investigation matching data, expert interviews, focus groups and CED-trends together with a series of interactive clients workshops. This is what Cosight calls Future mapping. It is used as a path for Foresight building in a VUCA-world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) being more agile compared to scenario-building. All of data, insights, visuals and verbatims are condensed into a series of intelligible mega-concepts on mobility. This type of investigation is the 3rd topic we carried out for this automotive client.

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Ethnographic Immersion in China

A customer ethnography in China for automotive company

An indepth immersion into the daily life of chinese consumers with focus on mobility and brand perception. The interviews were held in and around the participants home. The client was in need of sensing and understanding the shifts in Chinese society by participating to the home interviews. The report, the monography’s as well as the video are a rich source of to enable the team in their innovation program.

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Cosight New Headquarter Amsterdam

Cosight settles its headquarter in one of Europe's leading innovation hub's

After 15 years in Paris we have decided to relocate our HQ to Amsterdam, in a dynamic and energizing hub where innovation and the future come together.
We share our office with the like-minded M2 company experts in innovation and building brands. They share our philosophy of turning future visions into concrete ideas, making this move a logical step for Cosight. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, stop by for a cup of coffee and good conversation @ B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763, Amsterdam.

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Future Leadership in a VUCA-world

A 2 day workshop in Abu Dhabi for middle managers

Requested by an international client, Cosight collaborated with “Awareness in Business” to design and execute a 2 day seminar on personal leadership and effectiveness in a VUCA-world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).

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Key Talent Program

A 2 day program for a Big Four company in Belgium

Cosight delivered knowledge on future trends and experiences by designing a program in collaboration with Dekker & Van Velzen for one of the Big Four.
The aim of this highly rated program was to facilitate interaction amongst key talents and encourage them to conceive relevant developments and implications for their company as well as themselves.

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Future Fit Course

An appropriation course on the CED-program for a Japanese personal care company

The company works since years with Cosight’s Cutting Edges Detector(TM)-program to be aware of societal changes at an early stage. The course contains a presentation on indepth insight on selected cutting edge trends and collaborative work on the relevance and implications for the clients’ personal care business. Thus making the company frequently future fit and empowered to act in sync with societal change.

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Semio Explorer for FMCG company

An indepth semiological scan into all expressions of a brand

Cosight delivered a semiotic expert diagnosis for a FMCG brand by analyzing all its historical and current brand expressions (packaging, commercials, advertising). The aim is to identify the explicit messages and to unveil the implicit meaning. The results were synchronized with future fields based on Cosights´ Cutting Edges Detector CED(tm). Thus enabling the client to make clearer choices on brand essentials and futures paths based on the semiotic diagnosis and recommendations. Semio Explorer is a guiding tool for brand strategy and development.

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Karsten van der Donk becomes partner

A Dutch partner for Paris based Cosight

Having played an integral role at Cosight since 2009, Karsten van der Donk (1970) becomes fulltime partner. Founder Christine de Panafieu: “I am happy that we can proceed this succesful and complementary collaboration on a next level and incorporating the leadership knowledge into the product offer for our clients”.
Karsten´s background as an Art Historian, his thorough knowledge on group dynamics and his experience in various start-ups are a perfect fit for Cosight’s portfolio. Additionally, he speaks fluently English, German and of course Dutch.