Prof. Dr. Christine de Panafieu

Founder and Partner

Christine created Cosight, an international trend consultancy based in Paris, in 2000. Linking business proposals to customer perspectives is her mission and passion – be it for marketing, innovation or strategy.

Prior to Cosight, Christine was board member of Sociovision and RISC , in charge of international development.From 1971-1986 she pursued an academic career in Sociology and Philosophy (Ph.D. in 1977 and State Doctorate in 1979). She held academic positions in Germany and in France, lecturing in the fields of sociology of knowledge and technology, gender studies and ethno-methodology and semiology.

Christine was involved in the creation of new universities and the reform of academic courses in lower Saxony, Germany. She also worked as a consultant for the World Health Organization and UNESCO on pilot projects.

Speaks English, French and German fluently.

Karsten van der Donk MA


Works for and with Cosight since 2009. Partner since 2014.

Art Historian with a diverse working background. Commercial and governmental. Founded a management consultancy firm for Dutch government.

Passion for development and innovation: specialized in trend research, leadership and coaching. Listening to people and societies. Where human drives and future context come together things start to resonate.

Speaks English, German and Dutch fluently.

Cosight believes that a strong hand-picked network can bring added value for client and better results.