Cosight proposes three different innovation management processes that can be tailor-made according to the client’s specific objectives & needs. 

Mega Concepts
  • Developing client specific
    landscape with the Royal Path
    as an outcome to workshops
  • Identifying the key drivers as a
    compass for business opportunities
    (5 to 8 drivers)
  • Creating the compass for concept
    development and innovation
    (4 to 6 concepts)

Future mapping™

The path for Strategy

A landscape is a methodology aiming to gain a discerning, acute and perspicacious view on the future in distinguishing different areas of certitudes and will.

Focus on future strategy and concepts.

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  • Platform
  • Core Team
    Prep phase
  • Dissemination

  • Identification of search areas
  • From search area to corporate trend
    platforms - tailor-made to the industry
    sector & company
  • Cross-category, category or brand -
    specific ideation workshops using
    the annual corporate trend platforms

The Platform Generator™

The path for Platform Development

The Platform Generator™ is an annual process dedicated to constantly fuel and focus a company’s/ category’s innovation stream. It demands an extensive collaborative preparation phase to ensure the relevance of the strategic platforms that will impact corporate innovation directions. It also requires an excellent dissemination process.

Focus on tailor-made, annual corporate trend platform development

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Inno Booster Kick-off workshop
Focus Workshops
  • (cross category or category specific)
    creation of 1000 ideas
  • (category or brand specific)
    from ideas to top 50 concepts
  • Market research
    Top 10 concepts

Innovation Booster™

The path for Concept Development

The Innovation Booster™ is a 6 – 9 month’s high-energy process for a successful implementation & realisation of break-through concepts. It requires a co-creation between Cosight and a client’s core team throughout the process.

Focus on Co-creation workshops and Concept development

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