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A Semiotic Flash Analysis of a Australian Premium Private Retailer’s Label

For an Australian Retailer Cosight performed a short semiotic analysis. We focused on their premium private label.

We assessed the retailers premium-label-expressions and competition and handed some pointers to ensure the premium label can stay future fit, because premium and luxury codes are shifting and new forms are emerging.

The client now has a clear understanding of the quality of it’s premium label compared to competition. They have an action plan for further development and some best practices. The document is a presentation to create buy-in for strategic semiotics in the marketing organization.


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An Extensive Study on the Future Context of Automobiles

For a French Car-manufacturer we delivered and carried-out a co-creative process to study the future ecology of cars.
We designed a 3-tier process: First the knowledge and wisdom of the company was unlocked to the fullest extent possible. Secondly we did a study by interviewing global expert & consumer IDI’s, desk-research and a quantitative analysis. With these inputs we painted a picture of the future mobility context. We studied the impact and implications of topics like: urbanization, soci0-demographic shifts, legislation & regulation, consumer trends, disruptive tech and other. Finally we prioritized all of these topics and produced a report, a presentation and a video to make the very rich content insightful for different targets.

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Trend workshop in Switzerland for Pharma R&D

For a global FMCG in Personal Care we designed a workshop for their pharma R&D-unit. We discussed and presented the how and why think about the future. We introduced the scientists with the most relevant trends on ecology, nature and sustainability, tech, health, humanity & meaning, convenience. An interactive workshop were facts & figures were alternated with inspiring examples & video’s and group work. For attendees it was a start of a more customer centric way of working. “One of the best pressure cooker on trends that I ever had”

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Trend presentation for European beverage company

For a large European beverage company we presented the most relevant global trends and developments as part of their yearly management meeting in Brussels. Topics like health, digital, nature, convenience, individuality where presented and discussed. A highly appreciated presentation.

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A focus study and workshop on the Ethics-trend

For a Japanese Personal Care FMCG we distilled the findings on Ethics from our last Cutting Edgers Trend Report. We enriched and analyzed these insights into a report on the present and future of Ethics and it’s growing importance in daily life of global Early Adaptors and societies.

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A two-day immersion with future thinkers and do-ers

For a global automotive player we organized and facilitated a a two day immersion with various global thinkers and do-ers. On different locations in Amsterdam we connected our Cutting Edge Report on live “talking heads” that are living the future already: A real life Cutting Edgers Report. After the dialogues, discussions and debates we finalized with the client group to disseminate the implications and learning for the brand(s) and the company that we captured in a key-learning report.

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Kick-Off for international bank

For an international bank we presented an anthology of relevant global trends that our cutting edgers show as a way of coping this VUCA-world. It was a kick-off of a transformation program with the aim of changing daily practices and create a growth mindset.

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A one-day future deep-dive for young digital leaders

For a start-up company we facilitated a one-day intensive on the most relevant future trends. We shared and discussed topics with a group of 8 enthusiast participants that had this intensive as a part of a larger leadership program.

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A Semio-historic study into the DNA of a Homecare brand

For an international homecare brand we researched the semiotic development of the logo, packaging and labelling. From the constancies we found we designed a DNA based on the brand expressions (packaging, print and TVC’s) of the last 50 years. Resulting in a clear directional tool for brand management and development. The result included also recommendations for the brand evolution.

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A One Day Intensive about history and future of the Cutting Edges Detector 2018

A One Day Workshop for a Global Automotive Player

For a Global Automotive Player we designed a Cutting Edges Detector Workshop transferring our knowledge about “where the trend are coming from and when they emerged”.  The aim is to understand the lines and movements from the past till now to better talk about the possible futures. 15 participants | Germany

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Design and Facilitating Congress for Social Welfare Foundation

Starting a collective dialogue about the future

Co-Designing and facilitating this yearly congress about the future of the foundation and the welfare work. Aim was to co-create with all workers on the themes and priorities supported by a keynote about trends in collaboration with No Rocket Science  | 90 participants | The Netherlands.

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A One Day Intensive on Hedonism

A One Day Intensive on Meaning for a Global Personal Care Brand

hedonismA one day intensive to clarify and transfer Cosights findings from the Cutting Edges Trend Detector 2018 for 3 brands.

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Semiotic Market Exploration for Personal Care brand

A extensive study based on four different input sources

For a Personal Care Brand we conducted a in-depth study based on a semiotic flash analysis of the brand, a detailed semiotic market exploration, Expert IDI’s and a Meta-analysis of 15 brand studies. Resulting in a foundation for a brand book incorporated with first design direction of logo, packaging and labeling | 3 months.

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Presentation on Why and What to Think of the Future

A trendtalk as part of an extensive Digital Impact Training

A 2 hour trend-session about why and what to think about the future. The “outside-in”  element of an 8 day Digital Impact Training for an international trading and service organization with a focus on mobility. 25 participants | The Netherlands

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A One Day Intensive on Meaning

A One Day Intensive focused on the subject Meaning for a Global Personal Care Company

meaningBroadening the dialogue from sustainability to meaning as a broader discourse that has to be taken into account for brands and companies. In a one day intensive we presented the elements of meaningful mankind like: sustainability, humanness, ethics, spirituality and relation to nature. After presentation the brands started to discuss and formulate the implications for their consumers and their brands. Finally the solutions that different personal and home care brands could deliver where investigated. 5 brands | 20 participants | Switzerland

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Cutting Edgers Detector One Day Intensive

A one day workshop for a Global Personal Care Company

trendmap A one day introduction workshop of the fresh Cutting Edges Detector 2018 for a multi-brand global company in personal care. This workshop is part of the package an subscription to the CED program.  50 participants | Switserland

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Two day talent program for a Big Four Company

MC for an Intensive Talent Program about the Future

Designing, Facilitating and Presenting the two day European Talent Program focused on the future of yourself and your company for one of the Big Four Company’s. 80 participants | The Netherlands

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Creative brainstorm participant in several workshops

Supporting the Marketing & Sales Team of a large European Energy Company

Supporting the Marketing & Sales team of a large European Energy Company for a few days to enrich and focus their thinking about new distribution channels.

The Netherlands

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Cutting Edgers Detector 2018 Workshop for Japanese Personal Care Company

A one day intensive for knowledge transfer of the fully freshly published Cutting Edges Detector.

A one day workshop for the European and Japanese Team to transfer our knowledge of the fresh findings of the Cutting Edges Detector 2018. Company in Personal Care and Hair Care. 12 participants. Germany.

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Keynote Speaker on Annual HR Congres

An engaging keynote speech of the future of work

30 minute keynote with a Q&A about the future of work. Key elements:

1. Need for Awareness of Identity (Who am I and what do I need to learn to create my next career)

2. Need for an Increased Collaboration Capacity (hybrid teams will work temporarily on disposable knowledge projects)

3. Need for comprehension of your company’s ecology (Sense, Express, Reflect & Determine the position of your company and make sense of the contextual changes of your company.  “We are affected by our environment for at least 50%”)

The Netherlands | 120 participants