In todays complex and paradoxical world leaders and employees on all levels are challenged every day.

To develop leaders and employees that are fit for the future and for the evolution of the enterprise of tomorrow, Cosight Leadership programs are based on:

  • People leading the process
    Humans are at the heart of the company (autonomy)
  • Vision & Values are defining routines
    Vision & Values provide perspective and reference on the changing future (purpose)

Coaching & Assessments

Cosight coached more then 200 executives in various business and governmental contexts. Together with the client Cosight is working on enlarged consciousness, responsibility, empowerment and ownership.

We facilitate individuals and teams to optimize or mirroring their behavior in dialogue ánd action.

We are certified DISC©-facilitators and often start with a DISC-assessment in a (team)coaching-project.

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values & beliefs
Now Future
Align and inquire your personal vision, values
and competences to gain maximum impact
Connect and collaborate with your team(s)
increasing ownership and executional power
Vision and Insight into society and the role
and responsibilities you and your company have.

Future Sync

The path to ME & WE

Cosight’s deep understanding in and experience with people, societies and emerging futures results in a unique leadership program in which personal development and societal change are combined. These two forces are determinative drivers for strong entrepreneurial organizations with vision and innovational capacities that are fit for the future.

The futuresyn program focusses on 2 axes: from me to we and from today to tomorrow.

Now and tomorrow: Transform vision into practical projects and strategies

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